Real-time, Cloud-Based, Critical-Environment Monitoring that provides real-time visibility of of temperature, water, humidity and gas in critical-condition environments.

EnviroAlert Professional®

Winland’s newest model that is the successor of the EA800-IP. Monitors up to 34 zones with the ability to monitor for temperature, humidity, water detection, and gases. Compatible with a variety of 0-5V and 4-20mA sensors.

NIST Calibrated Sensors

Many industries such as pharmaceutical, research and manufacturing, food storage and processing and restaurants are required to maintain temperature and humidity integrity for quality and product safety.


Available in either 2 or 4 zone models. Used to monitor temperature, humidity, and presences of water.


Water detection system that provides reliable protection and enables real-time notification of water presence, enabling immediate and actionable resolution.


Mechanical Temperature Monitoring where climate control is essential – in computer rooms, residential/vacation homes, greenhouses, animal/livestock buildings or any unattended building.

Power-Out Alert™

Power Outage Detector that plugs into any 120 VAC outlet. Applications include homes, computer rooms, supermarkets or anywhere power monitoring is essential.

Protect Your Assets, Expedite Issue Resolution

The faster issues are resolved, the faster equipment and conditions are restored to protect perishable, at-risk assets. Winland is the only provider offering recommended response protocols and logs for enabling the fastest resolution possible.