Water Presence and Leak Detection System

Water leaks can quickly cause significant damage in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Implementation of a dependable water detection system is critical in safeguarding physical locations and protecting valuable assets. The WaterBug® system provides reliable protection and enables real-time notification of water presence, enabling immediate and actionable resolution. The WaterBug system is available in four different models for dependable water detection in a variety of applications.

Bates Security “Officer Don” recommends Winland’s Waterbug!  


  • Form C relay that allows intergration into multiple security systems.
  • 1 unsupervised surface sensor (W-S-U) included
  • Connect up to 6 W-S-U’s in parallel
  • Hardwired Power


  • Normally open relay
  • 1 unsupervised surface sensor (W-S-U) included
  • Connect up to 6 W-S-U in parallel
  • Battery Operated


  • Wireless RF 319 water detection compatible with RF 319 systems
  • Contacts above floor level to prevent false floor condensation detection
  • Checks for water constantly, requires two positive checks for a valid alarm