Real-time, cloud-based, critical-environment monitoring

Winland INSIGHT provides complete real-time visibility of temperature, water, gas, humidity and other physical irregularities in critical-condition environments. The systems detailed and customized response protocols, data logs and extreme flexibility, provide the fastest route to resolution by making the notification of an incident immediately actionable.


INSIGHT  Architectural Overview
INSIGHT User Guide   

Q: I’m locked out of my account – how do I reset the password?

A: Quickest response would be to start a chat or email to request a password reset.  Locked account will happen if a password is entered incorrect 5 times.  Winland may lock an account if there is an issue with security or paymen

Q: How do I add a user?
A: Click on Account Administration – Add a User. Complete the information requested. We recommend using a user’s email as their username. Once you save the information, an email will be sent to the user with their username and temporary password.
Q: How do I add a device?

A: Click on Account Administration – Add a Device. You will need to name the Device, have the Serial Number and Key. The Serial Number and Key can be found on the back of the unit on a sticker on the RJ-45 Jack or you can find it by going on the EA800-ip and going to the main menu and clicking on About EA800-ip (push the F2 button once and the Serial Number and Key will be listed).

Q: How do I find the serial number and key of my device?

A: The serial number and key can be found on the back of the unit on a sticker on the RJ-45 jack or you can find it on the EA800-ip and going to the main menu and clicking on About EA800-ip (push the F2 button once and the Serial Number and Key will be listed).

Q: I have a device install error – what is wrong?

A: Check to see if you have a miss type and resubmit or Unit has not communicated with the network.

Q: What are the device default settings on the EA800-ip?

A: Password: 0800; Off-line Alert Time: 30 mins; Alert Reminder: 1 hour; Collection Frequency: 5 mins

NOTE: Device will show off-line until a sensor is added.

Q: I want to swap between °F to °C or vise-versa

A: At this time, Winland does not allow it due to modifying historical data. You will need to delete the sensor and add it again.

Q: My report is showing NO DATA

A: Ensure that the device has a time zone selected. If you do not have a time zone, all reports will show NO DATA

Q: My Dashboard is showing NO DATA on a wireless sensor

A: Ensure that the transmitter is powered. Most often the batteries need to be replaced if you see NO DATA on Wireless devices

Q: My Dashboard is showing NO DATA on a hard wire sensor

A: Check the EA800-ip itself, it is possible that your sensor is out of range completely. This would show on the device, but not on INSIGHT. INSIGHT does not display invalid data.

Q: I’m not able to change my device name – who can?

A: Device names are locked due to modifying historical data. If you require a change, please submit a change request with the serial number with the current name, along with the name you want to change it to by emailing:

Q. How do I change my account name?

A: If you require a change, please submit a change request (email) with the current name of the account and what you would like to change it to by emailing:

Q: How do I add my logo to my INSIGHT Account?

A: To activate your own branded page, log in to your INSIGHT Account, go to your Dashboard and click on the “Contact Us” at the bottom of the page.  Email your request along with your logo file and a URL link to  (Please us .png file with a size of 67×600 pixels or less.   You may use transparent or non-transparent images.)

Q: How do I add notifications to my account?

A: You go to the Profile tab and click on +Add Profile. We recommend the first notification profile to be “All Sensors” with all the sensors selected. You will have the option to be more specific with which sensors you desire to be notifies.

Q: Why is my device showing off-line?

A: EA800-ip needs to be in the unlocked position.  Go to:  MAIN MENU > System > ENTER > Reboot Device > ENTER. 

NOTE: If you do not see System when you press the MAIN MENU button, it means the device is not unlocked.

Once the device has been completely rebooted, validate the device is online:

MAIN MENU > About EA800 > ENTER > Press the F2 button twice to view:

Validate that you have numbers next to SERVER at the bottom of the screen. If you do not, go to:

Quick notes
  1. Keep your username simple by using primary email as username.
  2. For the customer description, use your own company name
  3. Alert Reminder Interval must have a setting other than “disable” to receive initial
  4. Offline Alert Time is recommended at 10 minutes A unit that is offline will not send out alarm alerts.
  5. Any device that is offline and does not have notifications being sent out, will get a courtesy Email from INSIGHT support.
  6. Remember to enable your Off Line Alerts to receive offline notifications via email.
  7. Unchangeable fields: Device Name, Username, and Sensor °F / °C cannot be changed after submitting, they must be deleted.

Monitor Critical-Environment Conditions Two Ways

Online by logging into your account via any computer or smart device for access to real-time data and detailed system information.

Six-Way Exception Alerting


When a sensor falls outside of its threshold, notifications can be sent to pre-defined recipients in any of the following ways users configure their notification preferences:

  • Visual system notification within the Winland INSIGHT ( application e-mail
  • Text message (Cell phone screen shot with pushed notification)
  • Local audible and/or visual alarm from the EnviroAlert device on-premise
  • Notification of alert relayed to security provider monitoring station when system is integrated into a security system
  • Integrate notification of alert into another third-party or proprietary system

Right Response for Each Incident

Develop a customized, step-by-step response plan for any and all types of incidents. Setting up standardized protocols for incidents based on location, length of incident, type of product being stored, and other parameters can be done with a few clicks of the system.

If a response protocol is in place, the system will automatically generate an incident report that is distributed immediately after the response plan is completed. This documentation provides complete visibility into incidents and the actions taken to protect perishable assets and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Detailed Reporting, Retention and Analytics

In addition to three years of data retention, the Winland platform offers robust reporting capabilities with configurable and custom reports that can be accessed on-demand or distributed to individuals and groups at specified intervals with scheduled reporting.

Six of the most common system generated reports include:

  • Sensor Detail Log Report
  • Sensor Summary Log Report
  • Sensor Acknowledgment Report
  • Alert by Location Report
  • Alert by Device Report
  • Alert Response Summary

Flexible Enterprise Management

The configurable enterprise structure simplifies remote management of devices in multiple locations or within different organizational groups. The system supports and drives:

  • Multiple user roles with different system access and authorization levels for users throughout the organization
  • Distribution of notifications and reports based on the devices, groups or locations that users are associated with
  • Remote device management, including setting and modifying sensor thresholds to multiple or all devices simultaneously
  • Corporate governance with configurable sensor settings and custom response protocols that adhere to standards/policies

Simplified Integration

Integrating alert relays into any wired or wireless security system is easy and enables 24/7 monitoring.

Standard APIs (based on secure web services) facilitates data extraction from INSIGHT and integration with other applications*.

*Available Upon Request

Robust System Architecture/Security

Winland INSIGHT ensures data security and integrity

  • Cloud-based platform
  • Tiered infrastructure and application for utmost data security and integrity
  • Encrypted proprietary communication protocol to ensure secure data transmission
  • SSL-encrypted data traffic
  • Scalable redundancy with Tier-3 data center and multiple virtual machines