Winland product growth, reliability and experience apply to all industries when critical environmental monitoring matters.

You sell more than just a product or service—you sell reliability. Let Winland protect your critical inventory and your reputation. Professionals in all industries cannot afford to take a chance on faulty storage conditions for their environment-dependent assets. Regulatory agencies impose heavy regulations on industries and failure to comply leads to costly fines, public censure, and/or material management expenses. Unsettled customer confidence unfavorably impacts your public image. 


Winland™ is a trusted leader in affordable, scalable, critical-environment monitoring solutions. Winland™ INSIGHT, is an automated, real-time, cloud-based monitoring service that is a cross-industry, critical-condition monitoring software to offer recommended response protocols and logs. We’ll increase your efficiency, improve your ROI, and safeguard your reputation. Put Winland™ to work in your industry: Agriculture, Construction, Food Service and Storage, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Technology, Veterinary, and Warehousing. 


Gain true climate monitoring control for enhanced management. 


Enhance a construction project with remote monitoring control for any size project. 

Food Service and Storage

The most essential ingredient to your business is safety.


When lives are at stake, equipment failures are not an option.


Gain true climate control for enhanced asset protection.

Real Estate

Gain remote monitoring control for enhanced management of home and more. 


Gain monitoring control for enhanced management of technology equipment. 


Gain true climate monitoring control for enhanced management. 


Gain remote monitoring control for enhanced management of warehouses.