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The most essential ingredient to your business is safety.

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There is a lot at stake when it comes to food service and food storage that touches nearly every aspect of human life. The food service industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with projections to nearly $2.0T in USD by 2030. Food storage is a critical part of the food service supply chain. Protect your perishable assets—and your reputation—with Winland™ INSIGHT, an automated, cloud-based, critical-condition monitoring service available within the food service and storage industries. Winland™ devices, sensors, and INSIGHT are essential to any comprehensive food-safety program. INSIGHT will allow you to initiate the fastest-possible response to any arising equipment issues, protect your inventory investment, maintain compliance with governmental regulations, and safeguard your reputation.

Food services and storage areas currently impacted include restaurants, quick serve, convenience stores, schools, universities, cold storage facilities, food warehouses and distribution centers, wineries, distilleries, breweries and more.

Let Winland™ protect your perishable assets so you can get back to the business of providing sustenance. Discover INSIGHT, our Critical-Environment Monitoring Solution, to enable remote monitoring accesses at your convenience. Reach out to Winland™ today at or call 800-635-4269.


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