Enhance a construction project with remote monitoring control for any size project. 

The ability to monitor unwanted environmental conditions can be a key enhancement to any project in the construction industry. You and your customer are creating a vision into reality with a new building, new home, remodel, new addition or any project designed. To have that project protected and monitored for water intrusion, freezing temperatures, high humidity, power outages and other adverse conditions can be accomplished with Winland™ devices, sensors, and INSIGHT. Many third-party sensors will connect with our EnviroAlert Professional® product line and INSIGHT to enhance functionality. INSIGHT is an automated, cloud-based, critical-condition monitoring service available for the construction industry. Winland™ devices, sensors, and INSIGHT will allow you to initiate the fastest possible resolution to unwanted environmental conditions at the location, give comfort to the end user, and safeguard your reputation of reliable solutions. 

Almost any construction project related to HVACelectrical and plumbing can be favorably impacted with the correct Winland™ products installed. Our EnviroAlert Professional® product line will allow for large projects to be monitored with wireless sensors and transmitters back to our EAPro® Gateway device and connection to INSIGHT. 

Let Winland™ provide you with peace of mind to offer a solution to your customer so they can protect their investment. Discover INSIGHT, our Critical-Environment Monitoring Solution, to enable remote monitoring accesses at your convenience. Reach out to Winland™ today at or call 800-635-4269. 

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