When lives are at stake, equipment failures are not an option.

The primary concern of a healthcare professional is the patients. Time is critical and often in short supply—worrying about your equipment is not an option. Leave that to us. Winland™ INSIGHT is an automated, cloud-based, critical-condition monitoring service available within the healthcare industry. Winland™ devices, sensors, and INSIGHT provide early detection of environmental threats to your perishable assets while ensuring that healthcare standards are continuously upheld. INSIGHT provides early detection of environmental threats and allows you to initiate the fastest possible resolution to any arising equipment issues, protect your inventory investment, maintain compliance with governmental regulations, and safeguard your reputation.  


Healthcare areas currently impacted include pharmacies, hospitals, urgent cares, family practitioners, dentists, research and testing facilities, blood banks, plasma centers, dialysis centers, nursing homes, laboratories, and more. 


Let Winland™ provide you with peace of mind so you can attend to your patients’ well-being. Discover INSIGHT, ourCritical-Environment Monitoring Solution, and take a look at our solution laid out in a hospital environment Hospital Layout. Reach out to Winland™ today at or call 800-635-4269.