The WaterBug® 350, water detection device, is ideal for computer rooms, document storage areas, warehouses, sump pumps and basements. WaterBug sensors activate the alarm when a conductive bridge is formed between 2 contacts. Protect your assets with the WB350.

  • Low battery alarm
  • Internal audible alarm
  • Includes one standard unsupervised surface sensor (W-S-U)
  • Accepts up to 6 sensors (W-S-U)
  • Sensors can be located up to 100’ (30.48 m) away from the unit for wide area protection
  • Utilizes 9V battery for stand-alone operation, battery not included

Q: What are the power requirements for the WB350?

A: 9 Volt battery 

Q: What is the sensor part number?

A: W-S-U 

Q: Can I use a supervised sensor (W-S-S)

A: No 

Q: How to I wire multiple sensors?

A: You need to run them in parallel. 

Q: Can the probes be extended?

A: 1 to 6 sensors with max distance of 100’ (30.48m) each

Q: What is the cause if the sensor keeps going into false alarm?

A: If sensor is placed on a concrete floor this can cause false alarms (put a piece of wax paper under the sensor).  Power loss will also cause a false alarm. 

Q: How much water does it take to trip the sensor?

A: There needs to be a bridge across two of the metal contacts on the sensor.